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Friday, January 21, 2011


I D K. it was something , smells not so great. i wish i could make my heppy life ;) deeply in my heart, i could felt something was crushed. idk why . i feel so uneasy, complicated. seriously, there been more n more questions mark if i make a discover. i hope it could move, slowly , follow a flow. how can i be a gudd girl while i hve been lost my other half, half life. no spirits, no life. no life, no nurariafirdiana. ape lhaa aku merepek ni, demam punya paal kott. just frget it. okay :D lapar pulakk. makan laa ;) btw, esok pukul 9 dah start driving class, hope ta masuk longkang lhaa okay . haha. eyya nyh bukan bole caya kan. tak pasal pasal excdent kete tuh aku buad naty. hehe. btw, i hope evrything will be okay then . what can i do? nothing ;) makan makan makan. bila lha nak kurus balekk mcm dulu, OMG! i miss that moment, really. for real, i wish i could go back, back to my past life. a lot of terrible , terrified stories around ==' ehh, na kurus balek, baru bolehh pakai my jeans; voir, mustang,lois,levis n so on.. my shirts, dresses. OH! miss them. huney, im going to wear you , sooner darling ;) be prepared! :D awwww! RAWWWR! ahaks, btw, after dapat my own driving license 'P' , wanna looking fer a job vacancy , i buhsann kott kat ruma. ouh, tadi dah shopps a lot of biscuits n chocolates, DAMN! sedapp semua. mana tak TEMBAM! haha. like i care ;) , but i DO -.-' ! warghhhh! D E M A M ;) takk elok lagy, cepad cepadd laaa elok! ta saba na lompat sana, golek sini , gelak sana , jerit sini :D huaaaaaah! muah! hee. btw, NYTES!
with love; eyya lessica :D 

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