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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

L E B A H.

what to do what to say ;) KOYAK ; bro berg words.hee.                                                                                       
 ahakss. here, BOY, new one. fer sure, my new lebah.hee. EMYRUL EQHWAN.ouhgod.sayangss sama ini buda gila.haha.he colouring my day,make me smile, laugh again n again, some people say; GUDD FOR YOU EYA, some say ; ARE YOU SURE YOU COULD MAKE A NEW ONE? what can i do? its all fate, fate, n fate. btw, im thankful to have this man, this guy. love him.i hope he do love me too :) , im thanking him cause he gives me a new breath, so deep. im heppy though. ouh god ;) he is so great.hue. its all about love.kekekekekeke ;) 
sayangss emy :D 
ehh lupa! ade pesan ;)
eyya; BIE ;) BELA RAMBUT PANJANG!  panjangkan balek! OKAY :D 

0 idea hot stalker ;):

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