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Monday, April 11, 2011

new baby ;D

again and again ; its me ! eyya here :D haha.
ahakss, i frgt bout sumtink ;
MY NEW BABY ; not a boyfie okay ;
it was a kittens ! so damn FAT! and cute auchh :D hehe
i ve no idea hw can he [ i tink it was a male ] can be that big ,
omg, pampered much!
my parents spend a lot of money fer MOMOK!
ouh i lupa laa na bagitahu nama kan , name ; MOMOK :D .
i dunt knw why , it was given by baba .haha.
apa punn , i love the kitten . here , a picca of MOMOK! haha
terbalek pulakk :D haha.

2 idea hot stalker ;):

grawwrbabe. said...

hahahhaa... momok comei cgt2 !!1 gewam2 !!! mwuahhh cyg momok !

Eyya Lessica said...

hehe. montel gila dia kan? hehehe.

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